Photographie - Intention Since 2017, Köthe has turned to photography with the processing of his sculpture photos. From each work numerous views are created to map the whole range and variability of the  non-figurative objects and to archive for his works directory.  This abundance of views and changes in the perception of sculptures and sculptures has been  the reason to take a closer look at their effects in altered - experimental photography. Every  sculpture has tens of views - that's what sets them apart from the picture. In addition, there  are reflections, which also cause altered perceptions depending on the light and intensity. By focusing on the 2-dimensionality of photography arise fascinating and surprising views. In  part, Köthe also reveals certain details of his sculptures, which also appear as independent  images and have the appearance of painting and thus become a photograph. It is possible to view these photos in dialogue with the "only" depicted objects and to let the  view wander back and forth. JAN KÖTHE Aktuell           Raum   Waffen .   KulturQuadrat . Skulptur Plastik .  Photographie . Start Arbeiten CV Kontakt